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When you choose CSF, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a broker or an importer. CSF’s factories are ISO certified, and are OE suppliers to many US, German and Asian manufacturers. When you purchase a CSF product, you can be rest assured that it has been manufactured on the same production lines with the same high quality standards as their OE customers. Every single radiator is subject to rigorous testing procedures such as Hydrostatic Testing, Vacuum decaying and life cycle testing, and is designed to always be a “drop-in fit”.

CSF Radiators for All Makes & Models


CSF offers the widest variety of automotive radiator models servicing over 3,200 applications including every brand from Acura to Volkswagen. Whether your radiator is Copper-Brass, Plastic-Copper-Brass, Plastic-Aluminum, or All Aluminum, CSF has you covered with the same materials and style as OE. CSF manufactures the highest quality aftermarket replacement radiators, with the strongest and most efficient components available in the industry.



CSF carries Advanced Technology Parallel Flow, Sub Cool Design and Serpentine Condensers (material designed to match OE specifications) that provide the Fit, Quality and Performance of the Original Equipment.

CSF condensers cover both R12 and R134A refrigerants.

CSF’s ever expanding product line includes hundreds of condenser models made to the same high standards of our premier radiator line.

CSF Intercoolers & Charge Air Coolers


CSF is proud to introduce its newest product line of high quality charge-air-coolers, intercoolers, and intercooler cores!

CSF’s new intercooler line is the Industry’s 1st complete full-line of intercoolers ever offered to the automotive aftermarket –  with coverage ranging from Audi to Volvo. Several different construction styles are available, ranging from plastic/aluminum to all-aluminum, with standard tube&fin cores as well as heavy duty bar&plate cores being offered to suit the needs of CSF’s customers across the world.

Radiator Pressure Caps


CSF produces radiator pressure caps for OEM and aftermarket sales worldwide. CSF caps are available in four different sizes and numerous pressure ratings that cover 95% of all applications. CSF caps meet or exceed all OE and industry standards. Once again CSF delivers outstanding quality, selection, and performance at competitive prices!

OEM & Custom Manufacturing


CSF is a global leader in heat transfer manufacturing, and has many customers around the world who depend on CSF to supply their custom heat transfer products.

CSF customers have developed custom cooling solutions from many different industries across the world. Ranging from automotive, heavy duty, industrial, agricultural, marine, off-road, power-sports, and motorsports alike.