Rays has been involved in the world’s highest-level motor races, such as the F1 and GT1 World Championships, as well as in all categories of car racing that transcend the competitive level. Not limiting its operations to Japan alone, Rays has recently taken part in car races in the United States and Europe, as well. Remaining at the forefront of development through car racing is indispensable for Rays, as more than anything else, it provides them with an opportunity to compete in earnest. Because all of the participants in a motor race are doing their utmost to win, it’s simply impossible to trick the spectators, and Rays believes that putting its reputation on the line in a competition where only the real deal will prevail enables it to enhance the performance of its road wheels. Rays has won championships in various categories of car racing, but victory is not the only reason why we take part in car racing. The most important thing is to prove the efficacy of our wheels through such victories, while at the same time gaining the experience and know-how that can only be acquired by participating in car races, which are won by one tenth of a second. At wheel development sites nowadays, the boundary between computer-based tests and field tests is almost non-existent, with the former delivering almost identical results to the latter. This is why empirical data is the key to successful development. Computer-generated figures are useful only if data built up from experience is available. They are nothing more than results derived through the filter of a computer. However, if constantly updated data is used, wheels considered to have already reached their limit can be made even lighter and stronger.


Further evolution has been made for this SL specifications after numerous requests of the TE37V Limited edition to return. As with the previous SL model, the base color of pressed graphite and the diamond cut rim and center area is standard. Now features our RAYS logo machined on the spoke using the patented A.M.T. technology. Furthermore, the spoke sticker which is the identity of the SL design now adopts a new color: luminous yellow. Sizes have been revamped for this limited production model which are usually not available. To place your order or if you have any questions please contact ImportFest Performance at (416) 335-1111 or email info@importfestperformance.com


The VOLK RACING Wheel brand represents the benchmark for forged sport wheels that leverage racing technology. RAYS aims to fit Volk Racing wheels on all high-performance cars throughout the world.


The Gram Lights sports brand pushes the casting process to its limits. Employs a unique approach to design and finishing, as well as achieving the ultimate in wheel performance.


The VERSUS brand provides a European flavor to our latest wheel designs for drivers who enjoy dressing up their cars. It represents the leading edge in design, finishing, and all other features of wheel manufacturing.


A New Proposal in Forged Wheels.This Beauty is Authenticated with ORIGAMI.


HFULLCROSS wheels add an element of fun, giving your SUV a more stylish feel. Employing an approach that is unique to SUVs, it opens up new horizons for next-generation wheels.


The WALTZ FORGED premium brand leverages RAYS forging technology to create beautiful wheels. It decorates the wheels on adult drivers' cars, giving them a European look.


The HOMURA premium cast brand pushes the beauty and functionality of its products to the very limit. It uses daring designs to create new standards in wheel shapes.


The shape of DAYTONA wheels has been made possible only by keeping the feel of off-road tracks in mind as we design them and limiting the number of vehicle models they can be used on. This off-road brand provides wheels of an unconventional style that transcend the usual approaches to design.


KC DECOR focuses on the enjoyment of K-cars and other compact cars. This brand offers a wide range of options for having fun, from sports activities to custom dress-ups, helping drivers to create their own world.